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Administrative Announcements
Announcements from the staff will be posted here periodically. Be sure to read them and keep an eye out for new ones, because announcements will often directly affect members.
12 9 Nov 20 2013, 12:48 AM
Jersey Devil Basics
Before you get in too deep, be sure to come by here to see the Jersey Devil plot and rules, as well as the species guide and community information. Claims, lists, and the site dictionary of terms are also located here.

Subforums: Community Information, Basic Info

21 105 Yesterday at 11:04 pm
By: Elliot Gordon
Activity checks and things of that nature are housed here! This board only displays during the appropriate times of the month.
7 1,763 Dec 6 2013, 07:42 PM
Application Center
If you're ready to apply, you'll find the site's application contained in here, as well as the 'work in progress' forum, and the 'completed applications' forum.


Subforums: Completed Applications, Work in Progress Applications

6 11 Apr 6 2014, 11:34 PM
In: Iseult Decanus
By: Iseult Decanus

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Accepted Biographies
This is where accepted applications become biographies. Biographies of characters accepted on the site are located here, characters are separated by the city they're based in.

Subforums: Newark Residents, Trenton Residents, Atlantic City Residents, Other Residents

346 460 Yesterday at 06:27 pm
In: Alan Myers
Member Pages
In here you can find the member pages! They've got little member blurbs, character lists of who plays who, and other goodies. It's a great place to throw out some plotting ideas, tag someone in a thread, or just learn about the people on the site.
16 446 Today at 01:40 am
In: shae's page!
By: Alan Myers
Part of a pack? In a coven? Joining the mob? Want to see who's in your character's city? This is the place to go. Inside are all the plotting pages for the various groups and things on the board. This is a great place to get involved and get your character involved in the community!
Subforums: Sub-Plot Hunting, KICKSTARTERS

29 301 Apr 17 2014, 10:15 PM
By: Veronica Machado
Character Requests
If you want to request a friend, family member, or other important character for a new or current member to create, this is the place to do it!

Subforums: Newark Requests, Trenton Requests, Atlantic City Requests, Fairy Realm Requests, Other Requests, Classifieds, Completed Requests

210 1,186 Today at 01:24 am
In: darkest den the devil laid.
By: Rosie Jenner

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Member Chat
Get to know your fellow members here in the member chat section! It also contains games, member challenges, and introduction pages.
Subforums: Travels, In-Character Games, Out of Character Games

32 1,281 Yesterday at 08:04 am
By: Leilani Alfreda
Come here to post an advertisement for your site, or post a linked-back advertisement. Double-posts are okay, but we expect the same opportunity. doHTML is not enabled, use [center] or [align=center].

RPG-D Bordertown

Total Drama Website - The Best Role-Play Sites CRIVENS! Eclipse Living the Dream: a Pokemon RPG

Subforums: Affiliates, First Link, Checked Advertisements, Link-Back

1,591 26 Today at 12:40 am
In: Accursed: TES Skyrim
By: M'aiq the Liar
Suggestions and Questions
This forum is guest posting enabled, meaning that if you have questions or suggestions you don't even have to be a member to post here. Please feel free to ask about anything that confuses you, or to make any suggestions that come to mind!
10 54 Jul 30 2013, 12:16 AM
In: General site suggestions

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The Past
This forum is for roleplay threads that are set in a time before The Jersey Devil takes place. New threads can be started here whenever necessary.
20 280 Apr 2 2014, 09:19 PM
In: It is not enough to be dumb...
By: Kristine Shepherd
Need a place to have a thread that doesn't occur in any of the main boards? Here's where you can throw it!
1 14 Feb 25 2014, 07:29 PM
In: Finally woken, sun's sh...
By: Leilani Alfreda
Looking to write a little drabble about your character? Have a short scene you've got in your head and want to put out in the open? This is the place you're looking for! Be sure to read the rules inside before posting.
Subforums: Collabs

8 1 Mar 19 2014, 09:26 PM
In: Look who's digging thei...
By: Jon Hall
Archives for The Jersey Devil are located in here! Beware, for they're expansive.
Subforums: Character Archives, Thread Archives, Out of Character Archive, Original Host Archives

984 10,770 Mar 23 2014, 05:47 PM
In: Ivory Rochefort
By: Ivory Rochefort

-   Newark
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Newark Political District
Although Newark might not be the capital of New Jersey, it is a busy place in the world of human politics. This set of buildings in particular is often bustling with a hive of activity. It's also located in near proximity to two of the more prominent fire and police stations, so it's safe to say that this place gets loud.
Subforums: City Hall Offices, The Courthouse, Police Department, Fire Department, The American Vampire League Headquarters, Rockwood Hills

4 6 Dec 4 2013, 11:37 PM
In: Read my lips
By: Christopher Abbey
Central Ward
This 'ward' is home to both the business and downtown districts, so small shops and larger offices intermix with neighborhoods and a little urban decay. It may not look as chic as the North side, but life thrives here.
Subforums: Newark Public Library, St. John Hospital and Clinic, North Central Community College, Cherry Lane Drive, Fellowship of the Sun, Finch Ridge Public Housing

22 235 Apr 17 2014, 10:22 PM
In: You don't want to stay
By: Holden Strange
Wayside Walk and Streets
Oriented more towards the business crowd than the casual traveler, Waystreet Walk is home to a few attractions and coffee houses for Newark's busiest citizens to sit and take a break at.
Subforums: Starbucks, Wayside Art Gallery, Sammy's Sub and Sandwiches, The Nightlight Lounge, Twenty-Four Hour Fitness, Fast Pitch Bar, The Bay of Books, New Day Deli, Main Street Market, Cable 10 Broadcasting, Momiji's Bakery

15 78 Apr 3 2014, 02:07 PM
In: for the things we need.
By: Reece Ellison
Seaside Boardwalk
Newark's boardwalk is a great place to take a step away from the city and to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the place.
Subforums: Under the Boardwalk, Galaxy Gardens, Putting Edge Golf Course, Sal's Pizzeria, Batcave, Atlantis Found

7 17 Apr 9 2014, 11:19 PM
In: We are the last people stan...
By: Viola Fowler
North Ward
Known for it's historic buildings and unique architecture, the North Ward is home to some of Newark's more affluent residents as well as the various diversions they enjoy in their free time.
Subforums: Newark Symphony Hall, Metropolitan Apartments, Newark Shopping Center, Crestwall Estates

17 48 Mar 13 2014, 08:06 PM
In: try it again, try it once m...
By: Ione Sommer
Outer Newark
Past the limits of the city, these places are still technically a part of Newark (or consider themselves basically to be).
Subforums: Maypark Residential, Railroad Tracks, The Docks, Port Newark, Red Rock Forest

2 15 Aug 3 2013, 10:22 PM
In: but we’re seeing all the ...
By: Milo Porter

-   Trenton
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Downtown Trenton
A mish-mash of public and private organizations keep their headquarters downtown, and even though parts of this section of the city are rundown there are also other areas that are getting built back up again, making this a sort of hodge-podge of places to see.
Subforums: Trenton City Hall, Alpheta Emporium, Greenway Park, Trenton Police Department, Trenton Central Medical, Westside Community Center, High Rise Towers, O'Hara Auto Repair, Trenton Post Office, Sixes and Sevens, Legacy Park

39 337 Yesterday at 05:18 am
In: Oh, what a night is tonight
By: Sidney Paxton
The Strip
Although it's name might inspire thoughts of a different nature, The Strip is simply a popular collection of shops and small restaurants in Trenton.
Subforums: 7-11, Tattered Pages, Karma Cafe, The Wild Rover, Jersey Fruit, Trenton Diner, Sailfin Sushi, Sage Tea House, Best Buy, Littlefoot's Daycare

20 135 Yesterday at 06:45 pm
In: down the garden row.
By: Daniel Campbell
Westlake District
While neither the western most point of Trenton, nor located near a lake, Westlake is known for it's suburban neighborhoods and attitude that separates it from the more urban downtown Trenton.
Subforums: Running Fox Inn, West Trenton Theater, Hillway Homes, Bag and Buy, South Trenton Mall, Carver Hardware and Lumber

51 689 Today at 02:07 am
In: Took a little time to make ...
By: Paige Taft
Outer Trenton
Though people primarily think of Trenton as being an urban environment, the further one gets away from the heart of the city the more one sees the rural side of things. Office complexes and strip malls transition into farms and woods, though a person ought to be careful on the back roads. They can be confusing to strangers.
Subforums: Stray Dog Bar, Friends Burial Ground, April Valley Trailer Park, Snake Creek Range

17 143 Apr 9 2014, 11:13 PM
In: Keep on keeping on
By: Jason Brooke

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Atlantis City
Although this grand casino has been open for decades, it has become increasingly popular since the 'outing' of the vampires a few years ago. It offers gambling, delicious food, and a bar for anyone who might need a little pick-me-up after a night of losses. There is also an attached hotel with accommodation for... all sorts of customers.
Subforums: The Atlantis City Hotel, The Sand Dollar, The Casino Floor, Club Neptune, The Ballroom

6 33 Apr 1 2014, 11:38 PM
In: The clock on the wall
By: Kristine Shepherd
The City Outskirts
Once you get past all the blitz and glam of the city you wind up...well, here. Mostly it's just a mid-point between this city and the next one, but there are some things to be seen in these wide-open spaces if you just know where to look.
Subforums: The Compound, Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, Fairlead Estates, Vacant Lot

14 135 Mar 20 2014, 07:22 PM
In: Someday spare change
By: Will Carman
The Boardwalk
Looking for a fun night out on the town that doesn't involved gambling? Look no further than the boardwalk. Filled with shopping, boutiques, and fine-dining options, it is a one-stop shop for all things fun.
Subforums: Siren's Boutique, Fortune's Grotto, Seaside Aquarium, Trident Theater, Atlantic Antiques, Daybreak Spa, Habaneros Havana, The Daily Grind, Bayside Beach, Seabreeze Condos

10 30 Mar 16 2014, 03:34 PM
In: And they all want to feel t...
By: Charlot Forstall
Tourism District
As the name suggests, this is the part of Atlantic City that really draws in the visiting crowds. Along with the casinos, this part of town is what people really remember-- the lights, the bustle, the action.
Subforums: Admiral Ridge Apartments, Atlantic City Opera House, Glow, Buona Fortuna, The Majestic Cinema, The Blind Pig, Atlantic City Police Department

9 35 Apr 8 2014, 07:55 PM
In: Under the same sun
By: Augustus Mercer
Seaside Strip Mall
Although there isn't even a sliver of ocean to be seen from this strip mall, there are an abundance of stores favored by the locals trying to avoid the tourist traps.
Subforums: Third Street Garage and Repair, 24-7 Convenience

3 3 Jan 25 2014, 06:50 PM
In: Winter's waltz
By: Olive Bishop
While Atlantic City might be known for it's flash lights and vampire-driven night life, there are people who permanently reside in this cities. Although not all of them choose to live outside of the chaos that is the tourism central, some of them do, and this is where they flock to. Home to neighborhoods, parks, and some calmer, smaller shops, it feels more like a community than an attraction.
Subforums: The Salty Dog, Heather Ridge, AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, Waterfall Gardens, St. Joseph Church, Seaside High School, Midtown Zoo, Odds and Ends Thrift Store, Atlantic Cape Community College, Broadstone Heights, Atlantic City Blood Bank, Tasseo Tea Room

14 127 Apr 13 2014, 07:15 PM
In: Till you showed up with per...
By: Cadence Morelli

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Phone Calls
Phone calls between characters are located in this board. Throw up a thread and have a spoken conversation.
4 59 Jan 4 2014, 11:05 PM
In: And all my stumbling phrases
By: Randall Bricker
Text Threads
Text threads between the technology savvy characters are located in here!
13 273 Apr 7 2014, 09:25 PM
In: wood burns, and metal rusts.
By: Dmitry Penn
Free Range
Come and check out New Jersey's latest social networking craze-- Free Range. Designed by Elliott Spencer and Adam Parker, this site has everything you'll need to stay in contact with your friends and family online.
Subforums: Community Feed, Bulletins, Chat, Video Chat, Shuffle Chat, E-mail

20 263 Mar 29 2014, 04:16 PM
In: electronic nature made by man
By: Daniel Campbell
Notes, letters, postcards, presents-- any other form of communication you'd like can go here!
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